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Tips from Copper Hill on how to involve your children when moving into your new apartment. - Date 03/16/2017

Are you getting ready to move into your new apartment with your kids? Be sure to have a plan and involve them. It will make the move much easier for you and your family.…

Tired of the same old blah bedroom? Copper Hill suggests these great ideas for giving your space new life. - Date 11/03/2016

Indoor plant suggestions from Copper Hill Apartments! - Date 08/04/2016

Check out these indoor plants for your apartment-they don’t just look great, they help purify the air too!…/18-indoor-plants-beautif…/

Copper Hill would like to share some family friendly DIY 4th of July tips with you - Date 06/29/2016

With the long weekend, 4th of July can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Aside from the fireworks, you can use these awesome crafts to get your family ready for the fun.

Copper Hill makes it easy for friends to visit - Date 02/18/2016

When hosting your next function, use this list to remember what is important and where to focus your energy!


For October, LumaCorp associates will be wearing pink each Friday to honor both those who are fighting and those who have been lost to breast cancer, a disease that affects hundreds of thousands and kills almost 40,000 women each year in the US. We will also be making monetary donations and volunteering at events across the state to help give back to our communities. Help join us in supporting the fight against this pernicious disease.

Back to School Snacks!! - Date 08/26/2015

Looking for a snack that will make your kids' back to school blues blow away? Try this great recipe for cranberry-oat cereal bars: These aren't Rice Krispie treats....